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Jade Seah, Media Personality

Jade Seah is a Singapore-based media personality with years of experience on both television as well as radio, known for her affability and ability to connect with both large and small audiences. She is one of Singapore’s noted social media influencers, inspiring a large following across various social media channels.

Jade joined Mediacorp Studios as a full-time Artiste in 2006. Since then, she has gone on to act in both comedy as well as drama productions, and has served as presenter for many different programmes on television; from ‘live’ variety shows to shows on food, sport and fashion. On top of her work in TV, Jade was also a radio DJ at 987fm, Singapore’s #1 hit music station.

Her bubbly and likable personality has made her a much sought after emcee and personality at major events. Years of experience hosting live events, a knack for thinking on her feet plus her ability to connect to the professionals, managers, executives and businessmen (PMEB) and youth make her an attractive proposition for corporate clients such as Singtel, Nokia, Estee Lauder, Casio and McDonald’s; and government agencies such as the Health Promotion Board (HPB) and the National Envionment agency (NEA).

Seen as a tastemaker and influencer as well as a role model for young women, Jade has been picked to front numerous successful campaigns for reputable brands such as Nivea Visage, Clarins, Fisherman’s Friend, Ciba Vision, Puma and Topshop.

Jade is also a strong online personality with an Instagram account of 60, 000 followers, and a Twitter following of over 20, 000. She runs a YouTube channel called ‘Jade Seah OFFICIAL’ with style tips, chats with celebrity friends, snippets of her life and street interviews. Through her ability to connect with almost anyone, many of Jade’s videos, her street interviews in particular, have gone viral with more than 150 000 views.

3 thoughts

  1. Dear Jade,

    My name is Kelly Choo and I am from Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s diploma of Mass Communication. My group and I are currently in the midst of shooting a portfolio talkshow.

    We understand that you are currently hosting a show on 987FM dedicated to chitchatting about anything and everything off the record, and we are interested in having you appear on our talkshow and discuss with us the interesting stories, more specifically, on love and relationships, that you have come across during your time as a radio DJ.

    We hope that you would be willing to appear in a 15-minute interview show on 13 December (3-6pm) at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Recording will take about 2 hours. Our show will not be broadcasted, and it will only be used as our portfolio. We hope you’ll get back to us soon.


    Kelly Choo
    School of Film & Media Studies | Diploma in Mass Communication
    Ngee Ann Polytechnic

  2. Hi Jade

    i realised you left 987fm quite sometime. what are you busy with at the moment?


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