Blessed Union

Two friends of mine recently got married, and I was happy to be able to share in their joy!

Attended the beautiful wedding mass in the morning at Holy Family (I love church weddings!), and their dinner was an intimate affair at Skyve in the evening.

I was one of the few who went date-less, but it seems my friends provided me a ‘date’ seated next to me at table – the always fun (and funny!) Paul Foster.

Singapore is amazingly small, and I find that I have many friends separated by far less than 6 degrees. What I’ve also realised is that I discover a lot of these connections at weddings, festive parties and baby showers!

Some of the other crazy friends at table!

Here’s the girl with the even-louder voice, and waaaay-crazier laugh. These days also known as that other annoying person who giggles and groans through difficult moves in yoga class (heh, sorry, Elaine!).

Congrats, Jade & Nat! <3

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