Burnt Ends

Finally made time to have lunch with an old friend. We’ve both been busy and also travelling, this is like a long overdue meet that was meant to happen since her birthday in October last year! She said her staff were all whispering that she was actually going to meet someone for a social lunch and not for work and that I should feel honoured. Whatever! LOL. Still, it was great to catch up after so long, and we decided to check out Burnt Ends at Teck Lim Road.

Jade Seah Burnt Ends

They are a grill place (hence the name), and the space was very casual with its open kitchen and countertop table seating. I liked the vibe, but I have to say the chairs are one of the most uncomfortable I’ve had to sit on! It hurts when you lean back on the hard wire, and my back hurts when I sit too long without leaning. I am self-aware enough to know I sound like your typical Singaporean Complain King! First world problems, truly.

Jade Seah

Food was pretty damn good though. We had the smoked quail eggs, which were perfectly done with runny yolks that exploded in our mouths. It tasted almost sweet. Yums. Then we had our red meat fix with the excellently done iliocostalis. Mmmmm…

Seafood fans, you MUST have the Alaskan King Crab. I love crab, especially Alaskan crab, and usually have them steamed so as to truly savour the sweet taste of the sea. These juicy legs were grilled  and topped with some garlic, herb and oil sauce (I’m no chef yo!) which brought out the flavour even more. Divine.


Still hungry and craving carbs at this point, so just as well we ordered the Burnt Ends Sanger to finish off. This was deceptively simple-looking, but the flavours were complex yet comforting at the same time. It was tangy, creamy and savoury with a touch of sour spice (I later saw there were jalapenos nesting in there) – yums. I even ate the coleslaw in there; non-veggie eater though I am. A great end to the meal. (No space for dessert!)

Jade Seah Burnt Ends

The place is really nice for weekday lunch, although I’m not sure about the situation in the evenings and on weekends with their no-reservations policy. I personally can’t stand waiting for food, so doubt I’ll go back at these more popular timings.

Jade Seah

Photos outside turned out a little over-exposed as I forgot to adjust settings when we headed out! Opps. Tried to correct them best I could.

Jade Seah

Please give me suggestions on new food places to try!

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