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Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

I find it difficult to find tops I like. I have a friend who has the same problem, and we concluded that the reason’s because we both like and are more confident of the bottom halves of our bodies more than we are of our top halves. Do you think this is true? Do you find it easier to buy clothes for the areas of your body that you like?

As a result, I’ve all manner of jeans – skinny, boyfriend, straight-legged, wide-legged – in all manner of washes, colours and prints (camou, florals, zebra, stripes, polka-dot and plaid, just to name a few); I wear mini-skirts, midi-skirts, maxi-skirts in all cuts; I have all kind of shorts and pants – really short-shorts, bermudas, and recently, culottes…(you get the picture). For tops however, I usually reach for slouchy tees (plus I borrow the boyfriend’s, how convenient, heh), straight-cut shirts and non-fitted, crew-neck tanks. I don’t wear anything very exposed and I seldom wear anything with a V-neck or anything remotely low-cut (I have a very bony collarbone/upper chest area that I am slightly conscious of).

So while I like unusual designs, because I don’t feel comfortable about wearing certain cuts, I am picky about what eventually makes it to my wardrobe. My choices are hence somewhat limited.

I was pleased then to get my hands on this top! It’s a little more exposed than stuff I usually wear (it’s cut in quite a bit and the arm-holes are pretty wide) but I couldn’t resist the cute fringed hem! Love the high-neck, of course, and that it’s made of georgette – which is not as light as chiffon so there’s a bit more structure. Current favourite!

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