Hop, skip & jump away

I love skating – I started out with roller-skates when I was about seven or eight, progressed to in-line skates (begged my folks for them!) when I was eleven, and played around with ice-skates when I was fourteen. I still in-line skate to unwind about once a week – albeit with none of that stunt action involving steps and ramps anymore – but I haven’t hit the ice in quite a few years.

I’ve always wanted to skate outdoors (kinda hard to do that in Singapore, yo!), so I braved the cold, grabbed my skates and went down to Central Park. It also helped that it was a gorgeous, sunny, blue-sky kind of day – although still pretty darn cold, don’t be fooled!Pretty snowdrops in the park. So lovely!Plucky duckies taking a swim.

And that’s me looking extremely pleased with myself! (And flouting the no-mobile-phone-no-bag-on-the-ice rule, heh.)

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