How Much to Put in Wedding Angpow

‘Kena’ a ‘red bomb’ (received a wedding invitation) and dreading the expensive red packet you have to ‘bao’ (pack)? Not sure how much money to give at weddings?

Here in Asia, we typically give red packets filled with an amount of cash rather than wedding presents, which is more of a Western tradition. The amount to put in always takes a bit of figuring out – too much and you might look a bit of a show-off (plus most people aren’t that flush with cash to be able to just put a whole lot without feeling a real pinch); too little and you look like a cheapskate or a bad friend/relative.

As always, I do the dirty for you and ambush people on the streets in Singapore to find out how they figure this social situation out.

You can thank me later. Or you can ‘bao’ me an angpow in gratitude too.

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