Ms Singapore Universe 2013

My pageant days are long behind me, but I recently had the chance to meet the finalists of this year’s Ms Universe Singapore 2013 when I was asked to host an event.

They are a very pretty, friendly bunch of girls, and I had a lot of fun hosting this event – it definitely didn’t seem like work! So you can get to know them a little better, let me present the finalists one by one:

This is Clarabelle Ng. She is 21 years old and a radiographer who loves to read, paint and travel.

This is Jeanne Neo, 23. Jeanne is student who likes to hit the gym, and enjoys sports like volleyball running and swimming.

Cordelia Low, 24, is an events co-ordinator who loves dance, outdoor activities and extreme sports. 

Amanda Toh, 20,  is a student who loves to do yoga, cook and travel. 

At 23 years old, Rebecca Lee is a trainee lawyer who enjoys reading, dancing, singing, Muay Thai and playing badminton. 

Sung Miao Wen like to act, swim, sing, cycle and play golf. She is 20 and an undergraduate. 

Tinah Lee, 24 , is a business relationship manager whose passions are swimming and dancing the salsa. 

Shi Lim is a business executive who likes to dance, read, write, travel and play the cello. She is 24 years old. 

Angeline Soh is 24 and a customer service assistant who enjoys playing volleyball. 

Roxanne Zhang, 20, is a student who likes to dance, shop and go to the movies. 

Fleur Soong is a 25 year old relationship manager who enjoys running.  

Cheryl Desiree Chan is a 23 years old student, entrepreneur and DJ who likes cooking, singing and playing basketball. 

Jacqueline Kee is 25, and a Laselle – College of the Arts student who enjoys visiting art galleries, painting and photography.  

Cinny Chin, 22, is an undergraduate who enjoys dancing, baking and gymnastics.  

Jesslyn Tan is a 24 year old graduate who likes acting and modelling. 

And that makes 16 girls for this year’s Ms Universe Singapore 2013 finalists!

Who do you think will win? Your guess is as good as mine!

Finals on the 6th of July – watch this space to see which one of these lovelies will be crowned winner to represent Singapore on the international stage.

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