Red & White

So this beautiful country turned 48 on 9th August, and the girls and I had an impromptu celebration at A’s place! She cooked up a feast for us while we…ate. Haha. L brought ice-cream (to go with her home-made brownies!) and I brought wine (and an appetite!).

A believes in making stuff from scratch – her seafood patties were super yums! Here’s when I was being super unhelpful in the kitchen – documenting and stealing food, but not doing any actual baking or cooking.

Her mum had her own party, and she was sweet to send over some home-made vadai our way! They were chockablock with prawns, and were really savoury and tasty!

Theme was red and white – seems not everyone took it quite as literally…

Happy 48th birthday, Singapore! To many wonderful years ahead.

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