Makeup I Love with Packaging I Hate | Jade Seah Beauty Product Review

Sharing some of my favourite beauty products that I use almost daily – but with packaging that could be improved on, IMHO, at least!

Please share some of your favourite products that you insist on using in spite of the packaging!

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Hair and Makeup Magic

Was clearing out my old Blackberry, and found a bunch of pictures I took that I never got around to sharing(!). This was at a shoot done over a year ago, one with a ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ theme. Even though I have done countless shoots over the years, it still amazes me the difference a change in hair and makeup can make. See for yourself!

(Mind all the terrible scars from a bad skating fall. =p Went over a rock or something, was sent flying and ended up with abrasions and injuries all over my body – and face as well!)

Alien part one.

Alien part two. Gotta love the graphic bob!

Transformations courtesy of the talented Larry Yeo (makeup) and Alvin Foh (hair). Thank you both! xx

Am seriously considering going all Hayley Williams again with the supershort bangs – what do you think?