The Slouchy Tank

So one of the favourite things to wear is a basic white tee, and I decided to look through my wardrobe to find all my white ‘tees’. I have tons! I love them for their comfort and versatility – plus they go with everything(!) so they’re a great no-brainer for those I-have-nothing-to-wear days.

Asking around, I realise many of my friends have this ‘problem’ too, and so I decided to do an entire episode of ChicPeek on different ways to style this wonderful piece. You can check out the full episode here and here.

Here’s one of my current favourites, and a new acquisition too – a slouchy white tank top. I’ve styled it with a slight rock vibe here…

Trying to do the emo rocker look. Fail.

And a more preppy vibe here…

Remember to check out the full episodes on my channel!

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