To market, to market

NYC’s Union Square has this Greenmarket that happens four days a week, throughout the year (yes, even in the bitter cold of winter!). It gives small local family farmers opportunities to sell their fruits, vegetables and other farm products to New Yorkers, which I find is a lovely way to help sustain local produce.  I decided it was worth a troop down, and it was beautifully sunny (albeit still terribly cold!) on Saturday, so I bundled up warmly and off I went!

Taking a bite out of the big apple. Heh.

I loved all the pretty blooms on sale, both fresh and dried.And if you like dogs and other furry friends, there were tons of little (and not so little!) cuties out to play as their owners bought fresh milk and cheese.Homemade honey & maple syrup. Mmmm…


And if you needed help with something, or wanted a romantic sonnet written for a loved one, well…

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