Follow Me to Work | Bangkok Vlog | Jade Seah Travels

Bangkok for work and for play! Took a trip to one of my favourite cities with the bestie and then stayed on to peek in on Pomelo Fashion’s studio, checked out a fashion show and shopped their pop-up shop.

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Snowboarding in Shiga Kogen + Rafting in Bhutan | Jade Seah Travels

Have been travelling like crazy this year! Here are fun bits from trips to two very different places I visited in 2018 – hiking and white water rafting in the Kingdom of Bhutan, then snowboarding in Shiga Kogen, Japan!

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Bhutan 2018 | Jade Seah Travels

Join me on my adventures in the Kingdom of Bhutan!

Together with Sonia Chew, plus contest winners Cassandra and Victoria, we had the opportunity to travel to beautiful Bhutan recently. From a helicopter ride, to hiking to Tiger’s Nest and cooking a meal in a local Bhutanese home, here’s what we got up to!

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Hong Kong + Penang |Jade Seah Vlog #12

This was July and there was a lot of fun and a lot travelling!

Went to Hong Kong for RISE (where I met Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk)!) and headed to Penange for Sara and Vernon’s super fun and epic 3-day wedding bash.

Back to Singapore where I caught The xx live, visited Pat Law and her team at the GOODSTUPH office and hung out over magaritas and tacos with the girls at Vatos Tacos.

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