Goodbye 2018 | Jade Seah

If I had to describe 2017, I’d say it was a year of change.

I lost someone so dear to me at the start of the year, and that really broke my heart. It was kind of this that reminded me of the transience of life, and made me take on a bit of a “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) mentality to life – which meant I decided to just go ahead to do things that I like, without thinking too long and hard about logical reasons not to.

This meant a year of really indulging my love for adventure and travel. I was lucky to go on some work trips, but many were trips just to explore, with some really impulsive ones. There was Shiga Kogen in Japan to snowboard, Everest Base Camp, and almost three weeks in Peru with the highlight being the hike to Machu Picchu.

Then there were many small trips to neighbouring places in Asia like to Bangkok (three times!), Chiang Mai, Cambodia, Ho Chi Minh (also three times!), Seoul in Korea, Bali (what’s with the three times…but yes, three times!), Phuket…I spent way too much on travel in 2018, but I guess in 2018, I learnt that time is the most precious commodity that can never be bought back, and one I want to spend well.

I managed to catch two people I look up to in 2018 as well, Tony Robbins and Gary Vee, and I am hoping to further improve as a person as we go into 2019.

I saw a therapist for the first time this year, something I have only shared with a few close friends (till this video!). It felt self-indulgent and silly; perhaps I saw it as a bit of a weakness, but I have found it helpful, and as I hope for more growth in 2019, I will continue to see her.

In 2019, I hope for more growth, but honestly, with the year it’s been, I just hope for peace and joy in the new year, for me but even more so for my loved ones.

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Follow Me to Work | Bangkok Vlog | Jade Seah Travels

Bangkok for work and for play! Took a trip to one of my favourite cities with the bestie and then stayed on to peek in on Pomelo Fashion’s studio, checked out a fashion show and shopped their pop-up shop.

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One Night in Bangkok

Finally getting round to uploading pictures from the many trips I’ve made in the past year (better late than never, k!). This was from a ‘girls only hen’s trip’ to a much-loved Singaporean destination – Bangkok! We got up to all kinds of crazy on this trip…am only sharing the ‘safe’ pictures! ;p

Room with a view.

Do the Bangkok cab squeeeeze. Tallest gets to sit in (leg-room) comfort up front! Heh.

Room with a view part two!

One apartment, six girls…mayhem! 

Costume party.

Costume party part two.

Photobomb the selca!

Caught in the act! 

She’s persistent. But so I am. Roped in the bride this time for extra power. The cracks are beginning to show in her resolve for the perfect selfie…

When you can’t beat ’em…

Met this doll at one of the Siam Square boutiques. Look at that face!

Toastie shopping break!

Another all-girls trip coming up – can’t wait!