Denim You Need in 2019 | Straight Legged Jeans | Jade Seah

Everyone will toss out their skinny jeans in 2019 in favour of more of-the-moment cuts (okay, not everyoneee; I just personally don’t wear skinnies easily).

In past years, we’ve seen the rise of the Boyfriend, the Mom and the Girlfriend jeans, but in 2019 denim has gone back to basics with the classic Straight Leg taking front and centre stage.

With a looser fit, this style is more forgiving (and way more comfortable!) than the Skinny, while still streamlined enough so you maintain that long and lean look. If you never embraced the peg-leg fit of the Mom or Boyfriend, try this jean of all trades.

Tips on wearing them, as well as four styling outfit ideas in this video.

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Last Minute Travel Tips

From packing tips, to booking hacks to getting to the airport on time, here are some personal tips I learnt from my own experiences of having to travel last minute.

Please share some of your travel hacks, tips and tricks so I can learn from you!

With special thanks to Skyscanner.
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Burn fat in 15 mins | Jade Seah

High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) – the most efficient way of working out.

I’ve always liked running, but it takes too long to get a real workout. Picked up high intensity interval training (HITT) recently and found it to be super effective in keeping fit – and staying lean! No equipment needed.

In case you want to try this at home, simply set a timer (there are many free apps available for this) and do each move for 45 seconds, with a 15 second rest in between.

Easy as pie – in just 15 minutes!

Here are the 15 exercises we did in this video:
● Jumping jacks
● Plank with shoulder taps
● X jumps
● Bicycle crunches
● Plank jumping jacks
● Side crunches
● Skaters
● Alternate side planks
● Alternate lunges
● Flutter kicks
● Jump squats
● “4” leg raises (left)
● “4” leg raises (right)
● Combination mountain climbers
● Half burpees

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