Bhutan 2018 | Jade Seah Travels

Join me on my adventures in the Kingdom of Bhutan!

Together with Sonia Chew, plus contest winners Cassandra and Victoria, we had the opportunity to travel to beautiful Bhutan recently. From a helicopter ride, to hiking to Tiger’s Nest and cooking a meal in a local Bhutanese home, here’s what we got up to!

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Moved Office + Met a Supermodel | Jade Seah Vlog #6

March is over! What a month.

Met Victoria’s Secret mode, Adriana Lima, celebrated the husband’s birthday, checked out a new Keisuke Hamburg restaurant and moved into the new office (sneak peak in this video)!

Of course, also squeezed in time to work out, and even managed to catch Gentle Bones live.

Topshop Girls Face-off! | ChicPeek Ep 59

Watch the ultimate style challenge – it gets physical!

There are radio presenters, bloggers and entrepreneurs in this mix; all with different personalities – and very different styles.

Sonia Chew , Chloe Choo, Velda Tan and yours truly fight it out in the ultimate Topshop Girl battle! See who styled it better, who aces the physical challenge and who winds up with the best photo. Celebrity stylist Keith Png helps judge and photographer Bobby Kiran Yeo shoots the girls in action.

Vote for your favourite look in the YouTube comment box, and if your favourite gets the most votes, you stand to win a SGD 200 shopping spree at Topshop Singapore! (Contest ends 31st December 2014.)

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With special thanks to Topshop Girls Chloe Choo, Sonia Chew, Velda Tan; celebrity stylist, Keith Png; photographer, Bobby Kiran Yeo; and Audio Micro for the music and sound effects.

My Long-Story Love Story

I’m getting married soon, and everyone’s been asking who I’m marrying, lol. There are no pictures of him on my Instagram, Facebook or this website. Maybe he’s an imaginary boyfriend?

We met when we were 15. All Catholic kids have to go through 10 years of catechism classes (from primary one till you get Confirmed at 16) and we were no exception. I was actually taking classes in another church (it’s the same in Catholic churches all over the world) but I was a bit of a naughty kid and had been skipping classes for a couple of months before the teacher called my mother to ask why I had not been attending classes. She flipped, of course, as she had no idea! (Every Sunday, I would take the bus before 8am like I was going for catechism…and go hang out with my friends instead.)

My mum was so upset that I had been skipping classes (sorry, mum!) that when she bumped into a nun who used to teach her in school, she told her about it. Long story short was that she pulled me out of that church and I started classes in another catholic church.

Kids usually start and finish their entire catechism journey in one church, so joining this new bunch at 15, when everyone already knew everyone, meant I was the “new kid in school” and had to work harder to make friends. It was cool though and I was really happy in the new environment except for one thing: I remember my boy-crazy younger self complaining to a group of girls there that “there are no hot guys in this church”! One of them pointed my now-fiance out and said, “that one not bad what”. I distinctly remember saying, “ok only lah”. Haha!

We never spoke even though I was a social creature who was friends with everyone. I think it was because he was… #1, really shy and hardly ever (maybe never!) spoke and #2, not in class half the time as he was then a national athlete who had training at least twice a day, six times a week. We got Confirmed at 16 (kind of like graduation) and I never saw him again.

We bumped into each other more than ten years later, and I actually remembered him as his face hadn’t changed. Oh and he definitely remembered me! Heh. We chatted a little then and he followed up after that with a message. We ended up communicating a lot – without meeting for months.

When we finally met, I remember it was for prawn noodles in our area (we both stay in the east) and he was REALLY quiet. I was pretty bummed and slightly confused. He had asked me out but he didn’t seem interested? He had also shared quite a lot with me prior to that but why was he so silent when we finally met?

I don’t do well with mixed signals (why can’t everyone just be direct!?) and I definitely don’t take to game-playing (maybe he was trying to blow hot and cold?). I wasn’t planning to see him again. I had actually been pretty excited to meet him prior to that date and had told a friend about it. When that friend asked me how it went, I remember saying, “he was really quiet man. I think he’s not interested. I think I’m done with this one.”. This friend said maybe he was just really shy, and shy guys sometimes act like that around girls they like. He encouraged me to go out with him again.

He really did ask me out again and on account of the fact that he was obviously really keen to meet me (so confusing!)…and that I thought his dimples were cute (so shoot me, I’ve my shallow, human moments!) I decided to give him a second chance and go out with him. I remember being determined to not I get excited about it as I did the last time though – I generally hate the feeling of being played like a kite and I refuse to get sucked into hot-cold spirals.

This time though, he opened up and talked to me like the person I thought I had been communicating with the past few months. The rest is history. Well…kind of. We had struggles at the start as we are really different individuals. But still history. (I just want to say that, can!)

So he’s very much real and not my imaginary boyfriend. The reason he doesn’t show up on my social accounts is because he has requested that I don’t post pictures of him! He did agree to go to Mauritius with me for a recent shoot I did for Her World Brides magazine though – tempted by the prospect of beautifully-shot wedding pictures, no doubt. (He is Groomzilla, but more on that in another post!)

Here’s a short video of what went down behind the scenes in Mauritius:

It was such a fun trip, with wonderful people like stylist Steve, his assistant, Evon, photographer Winston and Sha, who made me look half-decent by doing my hair and makeup. It’s also the first shoot ever that I had my other half with me (I personally don’t believe in mixing work and play) and that made it extra special.

Thank you, Her World Brides, for having us!

(See the full story in the September issue of Her World Brides. It’s the one with my mug on the front!)

How to Take Nice Interior Pictures

Unbeknownst to the Home & Decor team, I sneak-shot some behind the scenes photos while they were shooting at my place, hee. They came around 2pm and shot till the sun set. The place is pretty tiny, so we all figured half a day’s shoot would be more than enough, but since my partner and I are such junk collectors (I actually think I have a slight hoarder problem…), the team said there were so many small areas to shoot, that half a day wasn’t really sufficient. I took that as a compliment! LOL. It also took a lot longer to shoot that if you were to just snap a picture of the space because they art direct and style each and every shot, which is the secret to taking great pictures – applies to both people as well as homes!

Here they were testing the light for the cradle shot.

Jade Seah

Moving furniture around, and testing light for the bar shot. That’s a working spotlight we bought and shipped back from the US. Glad it came in handy for the shoot, haha.

Jade Seah

Setting up of the bar shot. The ‘Banker Lamp’, vintage globe and telephone that sit on the counter are some of my favourite things. =)

Jade Seah

The magic that happens when great styling, art direction and photography comes together. (Don’t mind my personal mess on the dining table!).

Jade Seah

Discussion, then some tweaks to lighting and angle. They used the reflector for a soft bounce of light.

Jade Seah

Caught taking a sneak shot while the team tried to make my accessories collection look pretty!

Jade Seah

They kept some away to take some clutter off the shot. =/

Okay…I’ll look through the lot and give/throw some away…soon…

Jade Seah

At the end of the day, it was my turn to be shot!

Jade Seah

Seeing all the shots properly for the first time that day as Winston, the photographer, brought me through his choices. I felt like a proud parent!

Jade Seah

The selected raws, pre-edit.

Jade Seah

Thanks Rebeckka for the feature, Winston, Nonie, Kaffy and Genie for a great shoot, and Amanda for the write-up! Thanks guys for making the space look gorgeous!

Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid was named the ‘colour of the season’ by Pantone, and said to ‘intrigue the eye and spark imagination’ (Shannon Mason, J.C. Penney trend expert). I looked into my wardrobe and realised I have nothing in this blend of fuchsia and purple – the horrors! Lol.

Found this burgundy pleated top with Radiant Orchid flowers stitched on the sides, so it’s have to do for now!

Jade Seah

At the risk of sounding like a fashion victim, I do think it’s a pretty shade, and one that is flattering on Asian skin tones, so time to stock up!

Jade Seah

American Eagle Outfitters pleated top | Cropped tailored pants from Bangkok | Charles & Keith belt & heels | Vintage timepiece from Etsy |