Valentine’s Day Thoughts | Jade Seah 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕

14th February gets a bad rap for being cliché, commercial and lame, but I don’t care, I love it.

I think it’s nice to have a day dedicated to love, and it’s not a day just for lovers; it’s also a chance to express love to your nearest and dearest, like your family and friends.

Perhaps it’s because I was in an all-girls institution for the ten formative years that are primary and secondary school, but I remember Valentine’s to being Friendship Day in school; the crafty ones would weave friendship bands and make trinkets, the more literary would write letters and cards and many would buy sweets and little gifts to give to other girls in school. It was nice. I still have some of those cards, letters and little gifts too!

I honestly remember most of my Valentine’s Days. Some spent with then-boyfriends who really went the extra mile to make the day special. Even though we’ve all long moved on, I’m still thankful to have been blessed with them for that time in my life, and it makes me smile.

Some spent single and ready to mingle. I went out with the girls and I remember laughing at lovey dovey couples and pledging our love for ourselves and for each other.

One spent crying because I had just broken up with someone days before the 14th of February. It was a lesson to treasure and cherish what I have.

One where an unexpected bouquet arrived from a not-so-secret secret admirer. I love floweres, but I really encourage men not to spring for flowers on this day because they’re so much more expensive(!) (sorry, my florist friends Elyn & Yilian! I can’t help that I have an inner practical streak), but it was quite a lovely surprise, and a beautiful bouquet.

Another where flowers arrived so unexpectedly when the husband (then boyfriend) was based in New York. There was a 12 hour time difference and while we spoke twice a day, he never even mentioned remembering the 14th, and then I opened the door to this cheery box of blooms. Way to make my day!

It doesn’t matter whether a fancy candlelit dinner (extra points when the food is stellar and there is a view), Japanese food (here’s the trick, at least a couple of years ago – because Japanese food is not considered “romantic” like Italian or Western cuisine in general, you will not be subject to overpriced set menus, which are a nightmare for picky eaters like yours truly) or a KFC picnic (one of my favourite Valentine’s dates, actually – bonus was the live band and beautiful Valentine’s Day set-up…all for free! Thanks, NParks!), I’ve found that it truly is the company that makes all the difference.

So couples, no need to spring for something fancy if it’s over your budget. Effort and thoughtfulness go a waaaay longer way, and I think I speak for most girls when I say that. Write a letter, make a scrapbook, put together a snack hamper…even fold some hearts.

To the Valentine’s haters – and I know that this has no co-relation to one’s attached status (but sadly, seems to have a co-relation to one’s perceived age) – instead of b**ching about Valentine’s Day and throwing negative vibes around, how about buying a small gift/writing a little note or even just dropping a loved one a text to wish them and let them know you’re thinking of them this day?

This day dedicated to love, it’s only as cliché, commercial and lame as you choose to make it.

And even then, is being basic and cliché every now and then such a bad thing?
We’re way too young to be too cool.
I know I am. 😎


Happy Valentine’s! ❤
Dedicated to my granny in heaven. Still as loved as she always was.