Dear 2017

If I had to describe 2017, I’d say it was a year of learning. There were the fun bits: I got to travel to many places, I made new friends, strengthened other friendships and gained many new experiences.

But 2017 was also a year of many changes and challenges.

I naively thought that hitting my 30s meant I was finally an “adult”; that there wasn’t a whole lot to learn and even less to grow.

This year, I was humbled to find that I have so much more to learn – and a whole lot more growing up to do.

Took a long, hard look at 2017 before I wrote it a letter and finally bid it farewell. (Which is why this video is a few days into this fresh year.)

Jade Seah DELLAA Office Tour

This has been long in coming, I know! It’s because I’ve taken ages to filling this space in the way I wanted…to be honest, it’s still not 100% complete and to me, still a work in progress, but amid the many requests I’ve decided to share it in its current state.

With special thanks to:
Born in Colour

Full disclosure: This video is not sponsored, but some of the pieces were gifted by both of the above.
The others were mostly old pieces taken from my home!

Hipvan has kindly offered DELLAA followers 10% off for the months of December 2017 & January 2018 with the code LOVEDELLAA

Born in Colour has also very kindly offered 5% off with min $500 purchase with the quote JADEHIGH5

If you’re keen to shop the same pieces I picked for my office, links here:
Taylor armchair
Nuage Shaggy Rug
Trapezio Pendant Lamp
Parker Sideboard
Oro Table Lamp (Copper)
Wooden Frames
Londoner Kinfolk Industrial Dining Table (1400)
Londoner Dining chair
Retro Floating Study Desk
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