Cempedak Island Getaway + Celeb Shoots | Jade Seah Vlog #10

Fun times in May!

Managed a quick getaway to this not-so-secret little island off Indonesia, made it for Pat Law’s epic Good Stuph anniversary party (thanks Shanghai Tang for dressing me!), shot with Sheila Sim and Andie Chen and got new furniture in the office (yay to Hipvan and Born in Colour)!

Also caught “The Mentalist”, went on an Outdoor Cinema date with the husband (thanks Casillero del Diablo for the tickets!) and found time to celebrate Granny’s birthday (with an awesomely special cake from Prima Deli), yay!

New Haircut + Birthday Celebrations | Jade Seah Vlog #9

Birthday month! April is my favourite time of year for obvious reasons.

Watching this makes me feel so incredibly grateful to be alive and even more thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve been blessed with in this short life. Thank you each and every one of you who took the time to celebrate my birthday with me – whether over a meal, drinks, an activity (extra love!) or even if just to drop me a line to wish me. My nearest and dearest, you know who you are.

So many cakes, so many birthday songs and even more precious memories.

On top of all the cake-cutting, I managed to drag the girls ice-skating with me (pulled the birthday card), made it to Johor Bahru (JB) old town for a spot of shopping, cafe hopping and “kuay chap” (they call it “kway tiao kia” across the Causeway though!), finally walked to Hong Lim for lunch and caught Tropicana The Musical.

Also braved the crazy crowds at Art Box, against my better judgement, checked out Muchachos and got a haircut (back to bangs!)!

All My Favourite Foods | Jade Seah Vlog #8

The last of the March vlogs! Warning: a lot of eating and good food in this last one.

Took a quick trip across the Causeway to Johor Bahru for lok lok and more yummy Malaysian eats, indulged in one of my staples, ma la xiang guo at Chinatown, and checked out a hotpot place I haven’t yet gone to – Hua Ting at Claymore Connect.

Also come and ‘kaypoh’ my date nights with the husband – we do very boring things like book shopping, and dinner – if I had my way, it’d be Chinese (Shanghainese or Szechuan!) food always! This time it was at one of my favourite Chinese restaurants, Imperial Treausre Shanghai.

Found time to squeeze in a night skate and checked out iLight festival at Marina Bay as well, then rounded off the month with friends coming to visit me at the new office building, some bad badminton (I am still rubbish at this sport!), and the famous Seng Kee minced pork noodles with kakis Jaime Teo and Michelle Chong – watch for fun videos with these two soon!

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Met Pixie Lott + Lingerie Shoot BTS | Jade Seah Vlog #7

March continues to play out, and it got even busier with almost a week of shooting for Make the Future Singapore – I interviewed Pixie Lott and Nathan Hartono! Full interview videos out soon.

Come behind the scenes of a lingerie shoot with me (for Style X Style), enjoy a jazz champagne brunch and check out the awesome Singapore skyline atop a skyscraper. Also suffer a TCM traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) session with me when I saw a sinseh for my twisted ankle and catch snippets of Pixie Lott performing live in Singapore – with antics from Rozzie and I attempting to sing along as she did!