Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen

It took some getting used to, and has been  little hard to get the words out when asked my age, but I have come to terms with it – I’m 30 (and fabulous, haha!).

One of the girlfriends says ’30 is the new 20′, and I’ve to both agree yet disagree with her. Yes, as it implies that youth, and all the fun and spontaneity that comes with being ‘young’ doesn’t stop at 30. But no because #1: who says 30 isn’t ‘young’; and #2: who says 20-somethings have all the fun?? (Even if I did have a LOT of fun in my 20s…but then I enjoyed my teenage years as well, so…)

And so yes, this 30-year old knows that turning ‘Dirty Thirty’ is simply an excuse to celebrate many times over. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life these 30 years, and thank you for not just putting up with the crazy that comes with that, but for also joining in sometimes.


We gon’ sip Barcardi like it’s your birthday

Third surprise – and the most special one of all. =)

Was whisked off to the Fullerton Hotel with instructions to simply ‘bring a nice dress’.

Got dressed and was then sent down for champagne in the lounge. =) Got back to the suite, and all my friends started showing up! <3

It was Jaslyn’s birthday too!

Am truly blessed. Thank you to all of you for making this happen! +)