Brow Resurrection

When I was about 13 or 14, my best friend and I decided we would be brave, and get our brows done for the first time. I remember going to this small salon in the east to get them tweezed – the pain was excruciating (or at least, it felt like that!) and the result…let’s just say it was the 90s and a time where the look called for long, over-shaped arches.

When I was about 17, I was introduced to threading by an Indian friend. She said it was faster and a lot less painful than getting them tweezed. Again, I found myself in a tiny salon, this time in Little India. The result was more natural and it was a lot more bearable. I never went back to tweezing after that.

So while I found a better solution to shaping my brows, I still had to fill in the gaps every morning with eye shadow. So I was pretty thrilled when Browhaus offered me the opportunity to undergo their Brow Resurrection Natural 2.5 – no more brow makeup for me, hopefully

While I was pretty excited, I must admit I was also a little apprehensive. I have asked many makeup artists before and all of them said the same thing – don’t do anything permanent to the eyebrows or the eyelashes as it looks unnatural. I was also afraid of the pain – my threshold for pain is pretty low. Convenience won though – I still decided to go ahead!

Jade Seah Browhaus

I went to the outlet at The Cathay, and was introduced to my Brow Specialist, Elisa.

Jade Seah


Here’s a picture of us outside their Cathay outlet.

Jade Seah

Elisa started off by cleaning my brows and removing all traces of makeup. We had a chat on my brows and the look I am hoping to achieve. She then spent quite a bit of time working on the most ideal shape for my brows and face shape, drawing in ‘hair’ strokes on my brows using a brow pencil – I was really impressed with her drawing skills! I couldn’t tell the difference between her strokes and my real brow hair!

Jade Seah

We took awhile to decide on the right shape; she drew in a more graceful shape at the start (the right eye in the picture), but I asked her to try a thicker line which is more trendy (the left side). We finally decided to go with the original thinner line in case I needed to get used to the look, and she assured me that I could go a little thicker when doing the touch-up in a month’s time. The whole treatment only started when I was satisfied with my drawn brows.

Jade Seah

She put numbing cream on and I waited about 20 minutes for it to set in. They gave me a pair of headphones too, so I could plug into music and relax. It not only didn’t hurt, I actually fell asleep during the procedure!

Super pleased with the results! This is how they looked right after the procedure:

Jade Seah after

And this is the ‘before’ picture, for comparison!

Jade Seah -before

And specially for you dear readers, here’s a limited promotion!

Quote ‘Jade Seah’ to redeem Brow Resurrection Natural Trial at SGD$300!

Valid for first-time Brow Resurrection customers till 28th December 2013 only. Brow Resurrection Natural Trial will last up to 3 months. Touch up is available at $160.50. Available only at the following outlets – Browhaus Cathay, Dempsey (Beauty Emporium), Great World City, Holland Village, 112 Katong & Tampines 1 only. 

You can call their call centre at 64712769 to make an appointment.

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