Sunny Sunday

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

The weather’s been sweltering in Singapore lately, and while I usually welcome beautiful sunny days, this period it’s been of the terrible kind – no thanks to our neighbours and the haze they have caused! Okay, complaints out of the way. How was your weekend?

For me, it was finally a weekend spent in Singapore, after the past few weekends spent in London, Paris, Lombok, Bintan and Taipei. While I love travelling, it was nice to be home over the weekend again. Hosted the Puma Night Run on Saturday night, and joined some friends for drinks after, but otherwise the weekend was mostly spent the way I like best: with loved ones, good food and sport. Also finally had time to catch up and hang out with my man, after the many hen’s trips and weekends spent away!

Mid-week, so happy hump day! I’m off to a shoot now. Keep fighting!

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