International Pillow Fight Day 2014 (Singapore, Haji Lane)

International Pillow Fight Day happened on 5th April, and Singapore held it’s own edition of it along Haji Lane. I went down hoping to have a good time (albeit with some apprehension, I admit). I certainly didn’t expect the mayhem and the kind of crazy fun we all had that day – having a go at complete strangers like children; laughing and shrieking like a mad person till I got a mild asthma attack; feathers flying all over Haji Lane. Made some new friends, shared many laughs, and had an altogether great time. My birthday was the next day on the 6th, and this was the perfect pre-party.

Thanks everyone for the fun!

#pillowfightSG #SG50

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Pillow Fighting on Orchard Road | ChicPeek Ep 40

Singaporeans are a fun bunch! I hit the streets with a bunch of pillows, and hit a bunch of people with them. Some responded to the challenge, some hit back like a lady, while others were pretty hardcore.

Get in on the fun! It’s International Pillow Fight Day this Saturday, so come down for the Singapore edition and represent!

Venue: Haji Lane
Time: 5pm
Dress: Code: Red and White
Bring: A pillow and a sense of fun

Ready, set, fight! #pillowfightSG #SG50

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