West Village Wandering

Hung out at NYC’s West Village with the cousin, and it has a very different feel from a lot of the very neatly-formed grid system in most other parts of Manhattan. Love the quaint, somewhat ‘untidy’ charm of the oddly-angled streets, the shopping’s fantastic, and the bars, cafes & restaurants in the area are pretty cool. =)

We started at this cute little coffee shop called Bee’s Knees, because C needed her java and I needed something sweet. (I don’t know why I am idiotically not looking at the camera, lol.)

The joint is small and cozy, with seating options consisting of just a bar counter by the window, or an angled\roundish-shaped communal table. I had their signature dessert, the Cake-cup. Picked the Red Velvet one, although it was such a close fight between that and the Salted Chocolate Caramel as I love my chocolate (tough life, heh).  It was delish!

We spent the rest of the day wandering around the shops, stopping for a drink at this super cute place called Elephant & Castle, which incidentally is also the name of a major junction in London.

The aimless wandering (amidst a LOT of chatter & gossip) brought us to Magnolia Bakery, which I remember coming to over ten years ago, on my first trip to the Big Apple, Sex & the City crazed fan that I was.

It was just before Easter Sunday, and they had the prettiest Easter cupcakes – of course I had to buy some!maryjulian Ombre Denim Shirt; similar here | Knit faux fur cardi from HK | MNG sports-inspired skirt | Uniqlo knit tights | Accessori necklace (coming soon) |