Winter Wonderland

It’s back to Niseko once again – time to snowboard!! While it’s the superb powder snow that keeps me coming back here, the awesome food to be had is a close second. For our first dinner here, we went to this place that was featured in Anthony Bourdain’s show. Just a little off-tangent on Anthony Bourdain – I received his first book, ‘Kitchen Confidential’, as a gift years ago, before he was famous (the one where he mocked television ‘celebrity chefs’, and bascially said he’d never become one – haha!) and I was enthralled by his sense of adventure, his irreverent writing style, and the loving, detailed descriptions of food. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. (Although his questionable principles on television, I’m not so sure of, heh.)Thanks to the foodie friends among our group, we made our way to this place, Raikuichi. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. =)

This place is most famous for its soba, and the chef (don’t you think he looks like an Asian Steve Jobs??) started making it right in front of us while we were mid-meal. The attention to detail and precision was pretty fascinating.

I’ll be back!