2014 Fashion Tips | ChicPeek Ep 33

Peplums, neon, mullet dresses, skater skirts, block heels…these were cool in 2013 but are they still hot in 2014? I found myself forced (by lack of space!) to do a massive clear out before Chinese New Year to make way for all my new clothes, and realised that there were certain things I couldn’t see myself wearing in 2014.

If you faced or are facing a similar dilemma, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve done some of the legwork for you!

I’ve also included tips on what to buy to update your wardrobe for 2014 so you look fresh and current. You can thank me by sharing the video! =)

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Special thanks to Cha of Hair Story by C&C at 313 Somerset, Puma and Topshop Singapore.

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