London Fashion Week

Jade Seah


Jade Seah

This is pretty belated, but am slowly trying to get through uploading pictures from the many trips I was fortunate to have taken last year. Some were for work and some were for play, but I each one was special and I enjoyed them all in different ways. This was for London Fashion Week where Topshop flew Linda (Linda Hao’s blog) and myself up to experience London and to attend the Topshop UNIQUE fashion show.

Bea (Beatrice Tan’s blog) and Vel (Velda Tan’s Instagram) were coincidentally staying in London that period and they joined us for the fun! On top of attending the show together, they also took us to their favourite pancake place and Linda prepared ma la (directly translated as ‘spicy numbing’) hotpot for us back at our place one night as well. Super yums! Photos on those to come soon!

The pictures above were shot by a street style photographer, Anna, who randomly stopped and asked us if she could take a few snaps.

More to come!

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