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Can’t believe we are already September; time passes really quickly! To celebrate the launch of my new blog, and to thank you for your support, I’ve decided to do an outfit giveaway for all you readers! I really enjoy reading all your lovely comments on my outfits – thank you for your kind words! Thanks also for sending me pictures of yourselves wearing maryjulian; for me, that’s the best compliment anyone can give —wearing the pieces I very carefully curate or design.

It’s really simple to take part in this giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog (with your name and email address so we can get in touch with you!), telling me which outfit below you like the best and why.

These are some my favourite outfits these past few weeks; hope find one that you like too! For this very first giveaway, I’ll be giving away the very first outfit I posted on this blog, seen here.

One lucky reader will get this Jackson Military dress in red, as well as some arm candy! I really love this dress because it’s versatile in its simplicity, but the military buttons give it a twist and make it unique. Perfect for Sunday brunches or even to work if you throw a blazer over. So it’s that simple; let me know your outfit pick, why you like it best, and stand to win these great pieces kindly sponsored by Jipaban.com!

I will pick a winner by the 12th of September, so remember to comment by then!

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  1. I vote OOTD 3!

    I love everything you decked on from top to bottom! From the sunglass to the peplum top to the aztec prints shorts (i bought the last piece on site too). A casual outfit yet not losing its style, very well thought and paired! The contrast of the necklace with the top and the shorts was awesome, I just simply love it so much! Wish i could get hold of that top to pair it with my aztec shorts from maryjulian too! 😀

  2. I vote OOTD 3!

    Love everything you decked on from top to bottom! From the sun glass to the peplum top and to the aztec shorts (i bought the last piece on site too). A rather casual outfit yet not losing its style, very well thought and paired! The contrast between the necklace, top and shorts is so awesome that I can’t decide which item would be my fav! I wish i could dress like that too! Hoping that I could get hold of the top to pair with my aztec shorts from maryjulian as well! 😀


  3. OOTD 8!! OOTD 8!!! I really like OOTD 8 outfit is the best looking because that outfit really bring out the beauty and confidence of a girl by just wearing a pure white colour simple dress and a black heels.

  4. Hi Jade 🙂 I personally like OOTD 8 the best. I find that the design is unique and very in trend now due to the peplum skirt together. It makes the entire outfit looks stylish and making girls waist look so much slimmer. Simple yet stylish I must say and with the edgy necklace with this outfit, it will give this outfit a twist to it and makes the entire outfit more fun! It will be perfect for any weekend outings be it with girlfriends or with our love ones (: I hope to win one of the military dress in red as I have been sourcing for it for so long but yet to find the perfect design that suits my liking but after coming across this, I immediately fell in love with it and I love colours therefore this will be a perfect dress for me (: Thanks for your post and I hope im the lucky winner!

  5. I like the dress as it is in a very vibrant shade of red and hope to win the accessories to add to my collection of armswag! 🙂 Pls make my day as the 12th is my birthday!

  6. Hello Jade! 😀 Honestly, all the outfits are so nice I don’t even know which one I like best! But if I have to choose one outfit to wear, it will be OOTD 5! It’s such a perfect outfit for casual meet-ups with girlfriends, all the while looking chic, classy and feminine! Also, your accessorising of the outfit is impeccable. I think this is a more suitable outfit for teenagers like me as compared to the rest of the outfits(which are all simply stunning as well) since it is not too mature-looking or typical. Hence, I love this outfit best. Really love your style! 🙂

  7. Hello Jade! Honestly, all the outfits are so stunning! But if I’m gonna pick one to wear, it will be OOTD 5! It is the perfect outfit for casual meet-ups with girlfriends, all the while looking chic, classy and feminine! Your accessorising of the outfit is impeccable as well. I think it is a more suitable outfit for teenagers like me since it is not too mature-looking or typical. Hence, I love this OOTD the best. Really love your style! 🙂

  8. OOTD5! I’m commenting again cause I forgot to mention why I liked that outfit best the last time I commented, so sorry. Well I guess it’s because the field of dreams top is very elegant and I love the colours. There’s a sweet peaceful feeling when you look at it.. And it matches very well with the lace crochet shorts. Both are very elegant and ladylike yet casual. The whole outfit gives off a sweet and demure feeling that’s why I like it best. I have been wanting the top for a very long time too. I spotted it when it first came out and fell in love. Really hope I can win! Thanks ^.^

  9. I love #ootd5 because its sweet looking and cute. It gives off a girl-next-door look and enhance the innocent look of you. Chiffon tops are casual looking but comfortable while scallop shorts adds on to a unique finish of the whole outfit. The colour of this two outfits blends well and i like it a lot.

  10. Hi Jade,

    I like OOTD 8! The dress makes you look real sweet and it’s a versatile piece that can be matched with several accessories to create different looks!


  11. Love OOTD 8 the most!
    It’s so me!
    Love clothes that are simple and comfortable yet versatile.
    OOTD 8 is a set that can bring anyone to work, dates, girls-meet-ups and shopping. 😀

    Anyway, post more pix of you in MaryJulian clothes, please. 😀

  12. I love online shopping, although I always go broke. I still visit websites to window shop virtually. Haha. You have great selection of clothes here. Had a fun time viewing them. 🙂


  13. i really like the first ootd!

    the prints are gorgeous and carried off nicely !
    i love how it is paired with the necklace and black wedges to make it more edgy!
    the prints look well blended and not too over-whelming!
    I don think many people can carry off the prints nicely, and I really like how it looks in the picture!(:

    the other OOTDs are all gorgeous, but to me, this stands out the most !(:

    Thank you!!(:


  14. I love OOTD3 because my current obsession is peplum tops! Love the peplum & also the necklace that goes with it! Simple yet nice, great for lazy days! *-*

  15. I love OOTD 1 the best because the orange leopard print dress brings out your body shape. I feel that this dress is best for going for brunch, shopping or even an impromptu invitation to a party! Just by adding the golden necklace you are wearing and some lovely chic armswag and you are all ready to go! The black suede wedges makes your whole look a plus point. Dear Jade, you are always pretty on the go and let your glamour shine! Hope I can win your first ever giveaway! 🙂

  16. I love OOTD 3 because its simple and elegant but yet a little classy, we can wear it everywhere be it for tea or picnic!

  17. I like OOTD 2! 🙂
    I like the way you are able to match basic clothing together and create this outfit which is girly yet able to show a little of your inner tomboy (I guess a lot of girls have this inner tomboy 🙂 ). I love how you paired a pink skirt with bow design and heels with a slouchy t-shirt and outerwear~

  18. I love OOTD8! So classic, simplicity yet feminine. Suitable for shopping and also for dinner event! Great and gorgeous dress! I’m so in love with it! <3

  19. HI ! I love OOTD 2 the best !
    Its simple and casual but it still gives a very unique feel ! To me , it is not some outfit that is very typical and common . The black cardigan can be taken off for a sweeter feel , and with it on it gives a formal yet outgoing feeling !
    This set is really beautiful and i hope to win it . 🙂

    Please design more maryjulian clothings ! They are really trendy and unique, and it makes people who wear them feel pretty !

    Cheers 🙂

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