February 2017 VLOG | Jade Seah

So much happened in February, there is more than one video to document it!

In this one, there’s some (bad) badminton; join me at netball training; follow me to interview the Ubergrapher, Wendy @xiaxue, Tammy Tay @ohsofickle and Benjamin Kheng and also come have ramen for lunch with Rozz.

I also went to support the Tree Potatoes at their very first premiere on the big screen, made it to Bruno’s for an Italian dinner date with the husband, continued with the CNY celebrations (and gambling!) and battled a bout of food poisoning.

And found time to watch Chicago and have Tsuta for lunch before we moved to the new office!

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Ah Boy vs. Mata Fight Over Girl: Dorothy Perkins Style Face-off | ChicPeek Ep 56

2 hunks + 1 babe = 1 very HOT episode of ChicPeek!

Benjamin Kheng (¼ of The Sam Willows and male lead in ‘Ah Boys to Men, The Musical’) goes against Daren Tan (star of the movie ‘That Girl in Pinafore’ and who also stars in Channel 5’s ‘Mata Mata’) in a Style Face-off to impress a girl!

These two look good, but do they know what women want? I challenge them to find an outfit for blogger Jessica Tham (tippytapp) – but they have to go through a series of physical challenges first!

Hey, I get to have a little fun too, right? Ladies, you can thank me in the comment box! =p

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