Arsenal Players Singapore SG50 Challenge

The Arsenal team was in Singapore recently & I got the chance to chat with them!

Gave them a lesson in Singlish (Singaporean English), got them acquainted with Singapore dating quirks and of course there was a challenge involving a football!

They also gamely dished the dirty on who is the most vain one on the team, who the biggest flirt is & who they think is a blur ‘sotong’!

How Much Willabelle Ong Spends on Shopping | ChicPeek Ep 52

Asked Australia-based fashion blogger, Willabelle Ong of Pale Division, all the nosy things you want to know (but don’t have the chance to ask!); like how much she spends on shopping, where she shops and…boys (what else?)!

Special thanks to Willabelle for being a sport! Check out her blog and see how she fared in a trash bag challenge – yes, she literally wore a trash bag! – here!

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How to Manage Relationship Age Difference | ChicPeek Ep 48

He’s a radio DJ and one half of The Muttons on 987fm, she’s a fashion personality and blogger – and they have a 17 year age gap between them. They’re getting married in a few weeks’ time and I managed to convince them to take a break from wedding prep to let me ask them really nosy questions, like how they got together, whether the age difference was a problem, what they hate about the other’s fashion choices, and the like, heh. (Thanks guys for being so candid and cool about it!)

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How Much to Put in Wedding Angpow

‘Kena’ a ‘red bomb’ (received a wedding invitation) and dreading the expensive red packet you have to ‘bao’ (pack)? Not sure how much money to give at weddings?

Here in Asia, we typically give red packets filled with an amount of cash rather than wedding presents, which is more of a Western tradition. The amount to put in always takes a bit of figuring out – too much and you might look a bit of a show-off (plus most people aren’t that flush with cash to be able to just put a whole lot without feeling a real pinch); too little and you look like a cheapskate or a bad friend/relative.

As always, I do the dirty for you and ambush people on the streets in Singapore to find out how they figure this social situation out.

You can thank me later. Or you can ‘bao’ me an angpow in gratitude too.

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Best Dressed People in Singapore | ChicPeek Ep 38

She’s a fashion stylist, one half of DJ Two Face and owner of Yesah – in this episode, I get fearless dresser Linda Hao to spill her fashion secrets. She shares how she puts her eclectic looks together, what inspires her, and reveals where Singapore’s best dressed hipsters hang (it’s not the usual suspects!).

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