Choosing Wedding Gowns (Part II) | ChicPeek Ep 54

Go bridal gown shopping with me! I’m getting married in a few months’ time, and I haven’t yet settled my gown! In part II of this episode on choosing wedding gowns, I try on a few gowns to see which shape best works on my figure. What silhouette I should go for – mermaid, drop-waist, ballgown or A-line?! I need your help in deciding before Casey designs & makes a bespoke gown for me.

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How to Manage Relationship Age Difference | ChicPeek Ep 48

He’s a radio DJ and one half of The Muttons on 987fm, she’s a fashion personality and blogger – and they have a 17 year age gap between them. They’re getting married in a few weeks’ time and I managed to convince them to take a break from wedding prep to let me ask them really nosy questions, like how they got together, whether the age difference was a problem, what they hate about the other’s fashion choices, and the like, heh. (Thanks guys for being so candid and cool about it!)

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