New Office Space + Guns N’ Roses | Jade Seah Feb 2017

Hang with me this last leg of February!

Found a new office space, watched Guns N’ Roses live (OMG!) and headed to Blackcomb Whistler for a spot of snowboarding. Also, join me on my morning run and for a quick HITT workout.

Watch out for March vlogs out soon – even crazier times ahead!
2017 is passing way too fast, but living life at maximum speed is the way I like it.

Burn fat in 15 mins | Jade Seah

High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) – the most efficient way of working out.

I’ve always liked running, but it takes too long to get a real workout. Picked up high intensity interval training (HITT) recently and found it to be super effective in keeping fit – and staying lean! No equipment needed.

In case you want to try this at home, simply set a timer (there are many free apps available for this) and do each move for 45 seconds, with a 15 second rest in between.

Easy as pie – in just 15 minutes!

Here are the 15 exercises we did in this video:
● Jumping jacks
● Plank with shoulder taps
● X jumps
● Bicycle crunches
● Plank jumping jacks
● Side crunches
● Skaters
● Alternate side planks
● Alternate lunges
● Flutter kicks
● Jump squats
● “4” leg raises (left)
● “4” leg raises (right)
● Combination mountain climbers
● Half burpees

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How to Be Healthy: Amore Holistic Package Advertorial

A lot of people ask how I don’t watch my diet and manage to maintain my figure. Many say it’s just good genes – that’s not true! Genes only go so far. I have always believed in the good, old-fashioned theory of balance – it’s about input versus output. People put on weight because their input exceeds their output; conversely, you lose weight when your energy output is more that what you consume. Bottom line is, if you love food and hence have a high energy input, you’d better be very active so the output matches!

My workout routine doesn’t feel like much of a routine or even a chore; I enjoy sports and physical activity. Will post a more detailed fitness ‘routine’ soon, but in brief, what I do is run, play netball, skate and try to get in some sort of strength/toning in the form of light weights and yoga. While the first three are outdoor activities, for strength training and yoga, I mostly hit Amore Fitness.

They have 500 over fitness classes available weekly such as Yoga, Step, Toning, Kickboxing, Fitball to Signature classes like BellyBlitz and FunkBlitz so there will definitely be something for you!

Jade Seah

I have been going to Amore Fitness since 2006. It happened because my mum said she felt like she was putting on weight. I lectured her about not exercising (she was not an active person all her life!) as I think everyone should make an effort to exercise – whether or not you want to lose weight – as it is good for the heart and for the mind, and an essential part of being healthy.

To encourage her to start, I offered to sign up for a gym with her, and we chose Amore Fitness as it has ladies’ only outlets, which I thought would be less intimidating for my mum. In the end, she has extended her membership yearly, and till today still goes to Amore Fitness.

Amore Fitness has 17 16 outlets strategically located all over the island which makes it really accessible for all of us.

Jade Seah

The good things about Amore Fitness have remained all these years, with some improvements. They now sport a fresher, cleaner new look, for example.

Jade Seah


Jade Seah


They also now offer fitness and spa at the same location – there are not many places where you can get a massage or facial immediately after a hard workout!

Jade Seah


There’s also this new thing now called the Amore Holistic Package. It allows you to choose from gym sessions, group classes, spa or personal training to create your own personalised package. This is great if like me, you have an erratic schedule, and may not always utilise your gym membership in a way that maximises it and gets you more bang for your buck.

For example, there are periods where I am extremely tired and feel more like a massage than a workout. There are also times like pre-netball season or two months before a marathon where I want to concentrate on netball or running and don’t have time or energy left for strength-training or yoga. The flexibility and personalisation of this package would mean the monthly gym membership fee I am paying isn’t going to waste, as I can use it for a massage or facial instead.

For more info on the Amore Holistic package head on to or call 6781 1822.

If you’ve been meaning to sign up for a gym, I think this is a pretty painless way to start (motivate yourself with thoughts of a facial or massage post-workout!). Maybe you’ll be like my mum and going to the gym in years to come – and being fitter and more toned to show for it!

Jade Seah


Once I’m done working out, I head to collect my stuff from the lockers and to freshen up. Amore Fitness is thoughtful in providing gym and shower towels for every visit so you won’t have to lug around extra stuff. If you are heading out after your session, they also have dressing tables and hair dryers to do your hair and makeup!

Jade Seah

Time to start working out!

The Amore Holistic Package. Feeling Good Should Be This Easy.