2014 Fashion Trends: The Making Of

The ChicPeek team got together to discuss what and where to film new episodes, and somehow we got sidetracked (as we do!) to bits of industry gossip. I shared with the team how the tables were turned on ME this time when I was interviewed by Mothership on uniforms (army or police? ACS or RI?) and who the best-dressed politician is, and then we got to talking about who got it seriously wrong (sartorially!) in 2013.

In case you are wondering what I meant by ‘the tables were turned on me’; yes, here’s me pouncing on boys in uniforms, lol.

So anyway that led to us deciding to cover what to throw out and what to keep in your wardrobe for 2014, and the team convinced me to open up my place for the filming.

Jade Seah

I am usually very private about my place; over the years, for various reasons, magazines and newspaper have asked to feature my place, but I have usually declined because of my family. They prefer to remain private. My mum balked when I asked her a few years ago if she was okay with a local magazine coming to feature my wardrobe some years ago.

After I moved out to my own place in 2010, I think some of mum may have rubbed off on me, and I still chose not have my place featured. However, I’ve since moved once again, and while my previous place was about 50% of how I wanted it to look, this new place is 90% (meaning almost; in my terms, that’s like practically perfect because I am a perfectionist!) there – dream home, fulfilled!

It is a conservation building and it was in real bad shape, meaning it was a real labour of love to get it to what it looks like now (structures, piping, plumbing, among the other aesthetics…), so I’ve decided to share. It also made filming a lot easier as there wasn’t a need to pack and move clothes, shoes and accessories around! I will give you the grand tour of the space in another episode of ChicPeek, but here’s a sneak peek in the meantime.

Jade Seah

DP Daryl is very precise in what he wants. This is how we achieved the top-angle shots in the video.

Went up to the roof as well!

Jade Seah

Producer Terence demonstrating his favourite ‘fashion pose’, the “Dislocated Elbow’.

Jade Seah

I daresay he does a better job of it than I do!

Had to balance in 3-inch heels and ‘walk up and down’ the ledge to shoot this one. It was a little scary!

Jade Seah

Terence seemed to be having a ball of a time from his even-higher perch. (Try it in heels next time though, buddy!)

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Outfit pictures soon! And in case you missed it, here are the finished products:

ChicPeek x Gardens by the Bay

I sometimes run past the beautiful Gardens by the Bay on my long runs, and most races now incorporate that beautiful part of this wonderful country in the official route. Every time I run past, I peek in to see this beautiful, paradise-like place on the other side of the glass. I have actually been inside for photoshoots, (you can see one such shoot here), but it’s different when you are there for work and on a tight schedule to get all the shots in – there isn’t the luxury of really enjoying the place. On my list for 2013 was to make the time to take my folks and my gran there to be able to really explore and appreciate the wonderful flora.

I won’t share the many pictures from the day with my family as they prefer it this way (for those who have asked, that’s why I sometimes have food or holiday posts where I am all alone!), but what happened after that outing was that I was so impressed by the beauty of the place, and how lovely their Christmas display was, that I was determined to shoot an episode of ChicPeek there.

Jade Seah

I am glad to say we made it happen! Together with my production team, Luff Media, we shot at Gardens by the Bay in December for a special festive edition of ChicPeek.. Many, many thanks to my good friend, Valencia Taye (better known as Val, or tangaci to me, haha), who is a horticulturalist at the Gardens, for being instrumental in getting us clearance!

Jade Seah

The Gardens consists of the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. Here’s an overview (literally; it’s taken from a higher vantage point) of the Flower Dome, which Val told me is the ‘dry’ part of the Gardens.

Jade Seah

The succulents.

Jade Seah

This was their super cute Christmas Sugar Mountain display!

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

And this is the super impressive waterfall at the Cloud Forest, the ‘wet’ party of Gardens by the Bay.

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

I love the place and I am proud that it’s one of Singapore’s attractions. One piece of advice if you’re planning on going though – take along a jacket as it’s pretty cold in there!

Jade Seah

Brigitte Bardot Forever

Was recently in Manila for a magazine shoot, and the kind sponsor, Sofitel invited us to their ‘BB Forever’ event, an event to celebrate the beautiful Brigitte Bardot. I love Brigitte Bardot’s classic beauty and sensuality – the woman is sexy without even trying! The theme for the night was to come looking like Bardot. Funnily enough, in my earlier days modelling, I was styled to look like Brigitte Bardot for a magazine – Seventeen magazine, if I remember right. My mum probably has the pictures somewhere…will post it if I manage to find them!

Anyway so I definitely had an idea of what the look entails, and how I wanted to look. I brought along a little cocktail dress that I had scored from a vintage store in Thailand years ago, low-heeled red Mary Janes and Sha, the makeup artist on shoot with me, kindly offered to help me with my hair and makeup. The final result!

And here’s the entire team that was in Manila for the shoot – thanks for making me look pretty!

Some of the gorgeous guests that night.

Bardot-themed cocktails, and St Tropez-inspired nibbles.

And a Bardot-inspired fashion show!

And here are a few of my favourite Bardot moments:

ChicPeek – New Show!

It’s been a crazy past few months since I ended my DJ stint with 987, and everyone’s been asking me what I’ve been busy with since. I know I’ve been pretty evasive – “I’ll tell you in good time!” has been one of my pet responses – but really, it’s nothing to do with being deliberately cryptic, and everything to do with me just not liking to talk about things that haven’t been done yet. Talk is cheap.

So one of the projects that I’ve been working on has finally materialized, and I am excited to share! Together with a production house, Luff Media, I produced a series called ‘ChicPeek’. I cover everything from how to style tricky trends, to chats with celebrity guests on their personal style to even simple DIY projects you can try at home to give your old items a fresh spin.

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes peek at what went down!

The extremely glamorous side of shoots – getting those pesky, brightly coloured bins out of the shot!

Million dollar question: how much hair product does it take the crew to shoot one person?

Watch out for ChicPeek – first two episodes out on Wednesday, 9pm on www.jadeseah.com or on my YouTube channel.

Hair and Makeup Magic

Was clearing out my old Blackberry, and found a bunch of pictures I took that I never got around to sharing(!). This was at a shoot done over a year ago, one with a ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ theme. Even though I have done countless shoots over the years, it still amazes me the difference a change in hair and makeup can make. See for yourself!

(Mind all the terrible scars from a bad skating fall. =p Went over a rock or something, was sent flying and ended up with abrasions and injuries all over my body – and face as well!)

Alien part one.

Alien part two. Gotta love the graphic bob!

Transformations courtesy of the talented Larry Yeo (makeup) and Alvin Foh (hair). Thank you both! xx

Am seriously considering going all Hayley Williams again with the supershort bangs – what do you think?

Field of Dreams

Thought I’d share some photos from a recent photoshoot. These are for press releases, such as a recent Fever Avenue interview, which you can read here (thanks for the write up, guys!). I picked pieces which are either already out on maryjulian or coming out soon, and I had so much fun shooting these pics.

Love how subtly sexy sheer pieces can be! Plus I’m a fan of colour pops – I’m always drawn to details like the sunny collar and the accessories (all of which can be found here). The shoes are super gorgeous as well – have such a weakness for T-bar anything!

Here is one my favourite casual tops, aptly called the Field Of Dreams. It’s completely sold out on the maryjulian site – no surprise seeing how gorgeous it is. The vest is coming soon to maryjulian though, so grab while you can!

How gorgeous are these heels?! They are by Zapatos (not sure if they are out yet though).

Bright colours help perk up my day and instantly put me in a better mood!  Plus these suede harem pants are so comfy, love wearing them. They feel like sweatpants but sans the sloppiness. Perfect for I-don’t-know-what-to-wear days!

Olivia Baroque Cut-out Blouse from maryjulian | Zapatos wedges in Mustard