How to Take the Perfect Selfie (Hair Tips) | ChicPeek Ep 44

Ah. The age of the #selfie. These days, being able to look good in selfies is (almost) as important as looking good in real life – we’re in this time where if it’s not posted and people can’t see/like it, it isn’t REAL.

Potential employers now review social media accounts before hiring – so how you present yourself is crucial! A flattering profile photo can give your social life a boost as well (think dating apps). In this day and age, there’s no doubt that having a great profile picture is a real advantage in life.

Of course there’s things like finding your best angle, getting the lighting right and makeup that looks best in photos are important, but what about your hair? Hair frames your face and can make the difference between a good picture and a great one, so with some tips from blogger, Eunice Annabel and her gorgeous head of hair (and her beautiful selfies – I’m a fan!), learn to use your crowning glory to capture the best version of yourself.

But first, let me take a selfie.

With special thanks to guest star Eunice Annabel for her time & tips.

Thanks also to Gerard of Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio for styling both Jade & Eunice’s hair.

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