Topshop Girls Face-off! | ChicPeek Ep 59

Watch the ultimate style challenge – it gets physical!

There are radio presenters, bloggers and entrepreneurs in this mix; all with different personalities – and very different styles.

Sonia Chew , Chloe Choo, Velda Tan and yours truly fight it out in the ultimate Topshop Girl battle! See who styled it better, who aces the physical challenge and who winds up with the best photo. Celebrity stylist Keith Png helps judge and photographer Bobby Kiran Yeo shoots the girls in action.

Vote for your favourite look in the YouTube comment box, and if your favourite gets the most votes, you stand to win a SGD 200 shopping spree at Topshop Singapore! (Contest ends 31st December 2014.)

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With special thanks to Topshop Girls Chloe Choo, Sonia Chew, Velda Tan; celebrity stylist, Keith Png; photographer, Bobby Kiran Yeo; and Audio Micro for the music and sound effects.

Casual Texture

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

And just like that, we’re at mid-week! It’s been a world-wind October – mostly because this was the month of (hen’s) trips galore! Most indulgent, I agree! In my defence, it also seems that way because I extended my September London work trip (photos from that amazing trip coming soon, promise!); Taipei (that just happened the weekend past) was planned pretty long ago: Batam (two weekends ago) was pushed back from an earlier date due to the loss of a loved one…and while trekking up Mount Rinjani (will post soon on that trip too!) was a little impromptu, the dates were set from quite awhile ago as we had to find a time my friend (who’s now based in Panama) was back in this part of the world.

Why not just have one big hen’s trip? It’s because I have many very different groups of girlfriends! I have some I’ve known since primary school; the ones I grew up with and got in trouble with as a rebellious teenager; some where we bond over a love sport and adventure; some who are super girly and who don’t do any form of sport where we enjoy shopping, talking and checking out new bars and restaurants; some from SMU where we spent many a night working together on presentations and projects (none of my childhood friends went to SMU; I went in not knowing a soul and hence made a lot of friends there!); drinking buddies; party buddies; and of course, my (twin) cousin and maid of honour, who was born just two hours after me, and truly  like a sister to me (I am sandwiched between two brothers). We have one short trip  coming up, just the two of us!

I also didn’t want a big, wild hen’s night with strippers and crazy drinking (been there, done that for other friends’ hen’s nights!). I’ve always found friendships a lot more meaningful in smaller, more intimate groups where you can really share and bond without the need for superficial small talk and making sure everyone gets introduced (and gets along with) everyone else. As such, I can count on one hand the number of big parties I’ve thrown where all my friends are in the same place at once – my 21st birthday, my 30th and new year’s eve last year where the man and I threw a casual NYE/housewarming house party in our new place.

A few more very short trips before the year closes, but for now, it’s back to some serious work! Working on the edit for two very exciting video collaborations – so look out for those! Am also hosting the Puma Night Run this Saturday, and have some fun episodes for stylexstyle to be filmed these two months – so it’s a pretty packed time. No complaints though!

In general, but particularly when I am busy and find myself having to run about from place to place, I tend to choose clothes that are comfortable and fuss-free. I got these denim overalls in Seoul about two years ago – although I think my girlfriends who were with me judged me then for getting them! Turned out to be a pretty good buy as two years on, still loving them. They fit slightly slouchy and super comfy, the way I generally like my clothes, are at the right length so they’re not too short nor make me look frumpy and they seriously can be styled in so many ways.

I love playing with different textures so I put on a pretty silk camisole underneath then threw on this textured Aztec vest (snapped up at a steal at a MNG sale in glee!) over as contrast to the black denim overalls. Accessorized with a structured straw clutch, duo-tone sandals (I love leopard prints – no Ris Low jokes, please!) and a yellow ‘banana’ necklace.

Till the next post (travel one!)! xx

Clear & Bright

My skin is extremely finicky. When people ask if it is oily or dry, I honestly don’t know how to answer them. It can get shiny, especially on the nose, but it is also prone to dryness, flaking and peeling. And I still get breakouts every now and then, which is really annoying.

I was introduced to Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade), and was invited to come down for treatments. I like that it’s in the east (rather than in town or in the west, where most clinics seem to be!) and hence really convenient for me.

I was asked to bring my daily skincare and makeup, so they could let me know if what I was using was suitable. Will do a separate post on my skincare regime soon!

At the clinic, I met with Dr Lim and Dr Kan, who assessed my skin and also gave me advice on my skincare. They suggested I get a carbon laser peel done as this would clear my skin, reduce pore size, enhance skin radiance, and help with my random breakouts.

Laser is the acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. They emit a single wavelength of light that is concentrated into an intense beam of energy. Laser is able to stimulate thermal reactions (hence heating effects) when absorbed. When irradiated on the skin, the laser light energy is absorbed by the pigments and converted to heat.

For the carbon laser peel, a thin layer of carbon is first spread over the skin.

Jade Seah

The laser beam is absorbed by the carbon particles due to the dark colour. The beam is thus focused on the epidermis.

It didn’t hurt, although it wasn’t exactly pleasurable either. It felt like pins and needles, and only started to hurt a little when it was almost done. There was also this odd knocking sound – Dr Kan explained that that was the sound of the laser hitting the carbon particles. There was also a slight suction sound as a gentle vacuum removed the carbon particles as the laser moved over to another carbon layer.

Jade Seah

The carbon particles apparently also exfoliate the skin and purge skin pores, so I was warned that I may experience a slight breakout in the first few days following treatment as my pores were purged.

I got one or two small spots in the days following; nothing major. And I am really happy with the results!

If you want to try it,  you can get a 6 session package at SGD 1680.

Treatment by Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade).

Sweet Treat

I love Bruno’s and I think it’s taken the (eastside pasta) food spot in my heart where Al Forno used to reside. I usually end up with the linguine granchio (that’s crabmeat linguine) and finish the whole lot on my own, leaving zero space for dessert! I don’t have a separate space in my stomach for sweets, unfortunately!) After the many, many times I’ve had a meal there, this was the first time I’ve ordered dessert. Chocolate craving, satisfied!

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Sports Luxe

I love the Sports Luxe trend (sometimes known as Sporty Chic or Athletic Chic), which combines sportswear elements together with more dressed-up pieces for an urban, minimalist vibe.  The lines are usually clean (as sportswear is) and there is usually a play on fabrics and textures, which I love. Designers like Marc Jacobs and DKNY have been sending models down the catwalk in all manner of Athletic Chic styles; some inspirations here:

Of course, celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon. I think Rihanna pulls off this look particularly well (as she does with most looks, actually!):

Kate Bosworth, the master mixer, also manages the fine balance of sporty and elegant.

And here’s one of my takes on the trend. (I’m no Rihanna though, so be kind, please!)

MNG grey sweatshirt | Jipaban laser-cut leather miniskirt | Aldo wedge spike sneakers |Michael Kors timepiece | Puma bucket bag | 

If you’ll like more styling ideas, remember to check out ChicPeek on the Sports Luxe trend:

Tassels & Lace

I love lace and texture, although I find tassels a tad tricky to work; the look can go very quickly into country-and-western hell (that, or curtain-territory).

I found this top at a flea market that I really like though – the bold block of mustard balanced with sheer lace and a fine shower of tassels. That said, I still chose to keep the rest of the outfit simple – minimal accessories and a neutral palette.

Mustard tassel top from a flea market | Armani jeans | MNG strappy sandals | Puma bag | Nixon timepiece | Rayban sunnies